Our Country's Flag

Thou glorious flag of Freedom's air,

With folds so grandly swelling,

In every star emblazoned there

Proud memories are dwelling!

Should danger come from any shore.

And fields grow rich with slaughter,

In thy defense our hearts would pour

Their crimson tide like water.

Chorus. --

Our flag, our flag, our country's flag!

Should danger e'er assail thee,

The bugles' call will find us all;

We'll never, never fail thee!

For life or death, our latest breath

Would wish thy greatest glory;

And never shame should soil thy fame.

Embalmed in song and story.

Our sabres bright would guide the fight,

While war steeds, madly neighing.

Would wildly dash where cannons flash,

And hands were red with slaying!

Our infantry's united files.

Like stone walls, would be ready

To meet opposing foemen's wiles,

And always would be steady.

And when the bugle rang surcease.

Far in the foremost sally --

Though woeful Avere their ranks' decrease --

The rest would sternly rally!

And when the star-eyed Peace returned.

On Victory's field descending.

And quenchless ardor brightly burned

For home and friends attending.

What glorious welcome there would be

For those who did their duty;

And shouts of gladness, songs and glee.

From lips of youth and beauty!